Peggy Day Adventures

September 26 - October 24, 2017

This is a very rugged, high-altitude trek with yak support in one of the most pristine areas along the border of Bhutan with Tibet in the Himalaya. Not for 1st time trekkers!! We follow in the footsteps of British and Japanese expeditions of bygone days to the base of some of the biggest mountains in the world.

Beginning in western Bhutan at 7,500', we trek up to the border with Tibet marked by the great snowy massif of the sacred peak, Jholmohari, Jichu Drakey and Tsering Kang. Continue along in front of this pristine remote borderland to the mountain enclave of Lunana. Yak herders there have some of the best herds in the country.

Trek on to the base camp at Gongkar Peunsum, the highest unclimbed peak in the world, before descending through thick old growth forest to finish up with a day to soak at Dur Hot Springs at the end of this 20-day trek!

Activities: trekking, trekking and more amazing trekking with a little sightseeing.


Peggy Day Adventures
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