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~BHUTAN: The Snowman Trek!!!~
September 26 – October 24, 2019

Some say the Wild Lunana, also known in certain circles as the Snowman trek, is the ultimate high altitude traverse in the Himalayas. It IS one of the most physically challenging mountain treks with predictably unpredictable weather for some of the most beautiful alpine country in Bhutan.

We often see high mountain peaks in the distance as the trek begins in the semi-tropical forests above Punakha but that is only a tease as we have a lot of territory to cover to get anywhere near them. We hike above the hot springs at Gasa, up past several untouched forested canyons with rainbow prisms cascading in the mist from the waterfalls. until we reach the remote mountain village of Gangiten, above Laya.

From there, we travel with yak herders and their pack animals up into the back country until we are standing at the foot of the glaciated peaks that define Bhutan's borders with Tibet. We leave the big mountains for the hot springs of Dur before we hike out to the pastoral and deeply religious valley of Bumthang.

This is a magnificent trek for an experienced trekker and only an experienced trekker. Hiking distance times are approximate and you will be encouraged to hike at your own pace. There will always be somebody looking out for you without crowding you so you don't lose your way.

With a little patience, a good sense of humor and the help of our experienced Bhutanese guides with our own yak caravan for support, this 20-day trek takes you into some of the most dramatic and pristine Himalayan wilderness that a person could hike in.

Activities: High altitude trekking with horse and yak support along the border with Tibet.


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