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~TIBET: From Lhasa to the Great Rebkong Shaman Festival~

A cultural exploration in the Golok heartland of northern Tibet
July 28 - August 11, 2019 (aaprox. as festival dates not yet announced)

We begin in 1300 year old Lhasa, the heart center of Tibet. Over the next four days, you'll find that visiting the Potala Palace really does make you feel like you are on the "roof of the world" and walking into the most sacred Jokhang temple with the many pilgrims from all corners of the country, lets you feel the power of the Tibetans' unwavering devotion.

The dramatic scenery, the magnificent temples and monasteries and high mountain villages with their colorful prayer flags rippling in the wind, are only part of the picture. They all come alive as we watch nomads riding yaks across the plateau, listen to nuns chanting their morning prayers and see the monks practice philosophical debates in the Monastery garden.

From Lhasa, we fly north to the ancient Tibetan province of Amdo, homeland of the Dalai Lama, and drive north to the Rebkong Valley. During the summer, the Valley is pulsating with shamanic rituals honoring the local mountain god. Every villager gets dressed up in their finest and perform three days of rituals and offerings to their mountain god ,requesting that he bestow good health on them and a successful harvest on the community.

It's an anthropological feast, culminating in a grand ceremony that is not for the weak of heart. As the local shaman is the medium between the mountain god and villagers, he goes into trance before beginning to pierce a devotee's cheek or back with large steel needles. Amazingly enough, the young males line up eagerly for the piercing because to them, it is an honor to practice this age old tradition. This journey can be considered a study in cultural anthropology.

Activities: Sightseeing by private vehicle, as much as you can take. It's amazing!


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