Peggy Day Adventures

~MONGOLIA: North, South, East and West~

Explore deep in the Gobi Desert, meet Tsaatan people(reindeer herders) around Lake Khuvsgul,
enjoy horse racing, wrestling and archery at the Naadam Festival
July 6 - 20, 2019

This itinerary allows us to visit four distinct regions in a short amount of time: the fossil rich Gobi Desert with its soaring sand dunes and excavation sites; the pristine and natural setting of Lake Khuvsgul with dense larch and pine forests and meadows of wildflowers knee-deep; and the glaciated peaks of the northwest where you spend time with descendants of Chinggis Khaan who still hunt with eagles and create fine embroidery and detailed appliquéd work.

We include a full day at Naadam, a colorful national festival with beautiful pageantry, horse racing, archery and wrestling.

Activities: Sightseeing, travel by car or jeep, optional camel and horseback rides, accommodations in hotels or gers, no camping Possible Tibet extension if flying through Beijing!


Peggy Day Adventures
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