Peggy Day Adventures

~MONGOLIA: Hangin' with Eagle Hunters & Tracking Snow Leopards~

Travel dates to be determined in December.

This amazing adventure will give us time to hang with some of the best Eagle Hunters in Mongolia and attend their annual competition. Our crew will set up our private ger camp nearby and we will join them for a couple of days hunting on horseback or on a ATV and maybe sharing a meal or two before joining our team for the Eagle Hunters Competition.

From there, we head to the remote Omno Uliastai Valley in front of Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain where we will track snow leopards. We'll set up our gers in this valley and from this base camp, we will go out and set up motion sensor cameras and head out daily to look for scat, pug marks and other markings to add to our data. With the help of expert local trackers, there is a very good chance of seeing the elusive snow leopard of Mongolia.

Activities: Hotel in Ulan Baatar. In the countryside, rugged adventure in the most comfortable way possible: gers with stoves for heat, solar shower or bucket of hot water, camp chef and dining tent. Chocolate on pillow nightly.


Peggy Day Adventures
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