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~BHUTAN: GONGKAR PUENSUM TREK, from Bumthang to Base Camp

October 2 - 30, 2017

Travel deep into the heartland of Bhutan and with the help of horse and yak, take a magnificent 10-day trek to face Gangkar Puensum, the world's highest unclimbed peak. At `24,836', this amazing wall of snow and ice sits majestically along the border with Tibet. Visit the towns of Paro, Thimphu, Trongsa and Bumthang as you drive to central Bhutan and begin this lesstraveled route through lush forest, on up to high alpine meadows with impressive views of the eastern Himalaya. Rest at Base Camp (14,000') and marvel at the sheer face of this massive mountain in a very quiet part of the world..

This is a trail that is used regularly by local pilgrims on their way to special retreats in the mountains and nomads in tents made from the wool of their large herds of yak grazing lazily above the tree line. Feel your pace slow to the rhythm of these peaceful people in a land rich in natural beauty.

Activities: High-altitude trekking with a 15,000'+ pass to cross, culture 2 nights in Bangkok, Thailand. 18 nights (9 nights in hotels and 9 nights trekking/camping in Bhutan)



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